Nyerere National Park - Gates

Entry Gates to Nyerere National Park

Measuring 30,893 square kilometers, Nyerere National Park is a spread over a large area and there are two main entry gates to access the park. Using the correct gate during your trip to Nyerere can save you hours of additional driving. Below we have a list of the main gates at Nyerere National Park along with basic information on which lodges and camps are closest to the various access points. As for entry and exit timings, the entry timing is 6.00am and exit timing is 6pm, after which the gates are closed. It may be possible to enter or exit beyond these timings in exceptional cases with the permission of the park Warden, for example in case of a vehicle breakdown or maybe adverse weather causing road closures.

The Nyerere National Park gates are well distributed at most convenient and popular places that lead to the park. If one chooses go to Nyerere park by road, they can access the park on its 2 main gates.

Mtemere Gate

Mtemere Gate is located on the eastern border of Nyerere National Park. It is the main gate and most preffered because it is on the main road from Kibiti Town. The best lodging options near Mtemere gate includes Rufiji River Camp, Selous Impala Camp, Sand Rivers, Serena Mivumo River Lodge, Siwandu Camp, Roho ya Selous Camp and Lake Manze Camp.

Matambwe Gate

Matambwe Gate is located on the northwestern corner of Selous Game Reserve, just next to Matambwe airstrip and Fuga Railway Station. The gate is also close to Kisaki, a small town with various amenities. The best lodging options near Matambwe gates include Sable Mountain Lodge, Beho beho Camp, The Retreat Camp, Azura Selous Camp and Steigler's Gorge Camp.

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Flying Safari packages to Nyerere are convenient due to the short one hour flight versus the 5 to 6 hour road journey from Dar es Salaam. Flights to Nyerere being readily available, a flying package safari is possible to book for most Camps and Lodges. Flying to Nyerere is also recommended for those who want to enjoy game drives in Open sided safari vehicles.

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