Is Nyerere National Park Safe for tourists ?

Established in 2019 and carved off from the Selous Game Reserve, Nyerere National Park is quite safe to visit for tourists. Though Selous itself has been a popular and safe destination for tourists from before, with the establishment of a part of the reserve as a National Park, the management of the park is now under TANAPA and even more professional, bringing with it more security and scrutiny within the park.

For numerous travelers arriving in Tanzania for a adventurous Safari experience, personal safety is of paramount importance. Tanzania is generally a very safe country to travel in, free from political strife being as it is a stable democracy. Tanzanians are also by nature warm and friendly people, welcoming of tourists.
Nyerere National Park is well protected by professionally-trained Park Rangers and wildlife Wardens and is only a 45 minute flight from Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania.

Location: The park lies about 230 kilometers south west of Dar es Salaam.

Tourism in Tanzania: With Tourism being one of the leading sources of foreign exchange and income for Tanzania, the country has put in measures to ensure the personal safety of tourists visiting all national parks and reserves within the country.

Management of the Park: Nyerere National Park is professionally run and overseen by the national Government through the relevant organizations under the Ministry of Tourism, including the Tanzania National Parks Authority, TANAPA. Further, most of the camps and lodges inside the park are well cured with the properties hiring their own security guards to enhance security in their vicinity.

Annually, thousands of visitors enter and enjoy the Selous Game Reserve and Nyerere National Parks.

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